Hi there! I’m Daniel Poynton.

Raised in London and currently living in Taipei.  I’m Self-taught with a huge passion for tech and fashion, a freelancer for 12 years with 6 years studio experience at a senior level. I pride myself on taking a hands on approach to Art directing, from conception right the way through to execution.

My freelance career was kick-started working for drum and Bass godfather ‘Goldie’, on the much-loved record label ‘Metalheadz’ – Creating everything on the label from album artwork, limited edition canvas prints, and flyers, this led to working heavily in the Drum and Bass scene from 2007-2008, leading to features in magazines such as; Advanced photoshop, Digital Arts, and the now defunct Knowledge magazine.

Studio experience

Mini resume of great people I’ve been employed by.


‘We work with business owners, leaders and challengers to disrupt, influence and fuel growth. We embrace change by taking control of it and putting design at the heart of everything we do.’



Yan Lang Ltd was founded in 1997, combining cutting edge Design with fashion and creative marketing throughout Asia, with offices in Taipei, China and Paris.


“ Dan has a distinct style with a wide range, something that's pretty hard to do these days, when I first saw his material I was like 'Wow this kid's good!' “

Goldie Metalheadz owner

“we miss all of his creative ideas at Yan Lang“

Edward Hsu Owner and Creative Director @ Yan Lang

“Daniel is an extremely passionate individual who truly excels in his field, he is missed at VIVA!“

Gary Blowers Managing Director at Viva Worldwide


Tony Cornes Director of Operations and Technology at Skyrock Projects