A school for Creative Technologists

 Skyrock Projects hosts an international team of computer programmers, artists and experienced teachers from the UK, US, India and Taiwan

Together they custom-design educational programs that have students learning and applying creative technology to address real world issues and topics. I was responsible for the Art direction and branding, and was also tasked with creating a series of illustrations and artwork the be used for both promotional materials and on the website.

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“Our programs are heavily inspired by the STEAM (Science Technology Engineering Art Maths) project-based learning movement originating out of Rhode Island School of Design and the interdisciplinary research methods of institutions like MIT Media Lab. Developing skills in core technologies is important to us, but everything we do is interdisciplinary. All of our programs begin and end with the intersection of Science, Art and Technology.”

Co-founder Anthony Cornes, formerly of Taipei European School

Starting September of 2017, Skyrock Projects will run programs in music technology and programming, data visualization using Python, creative coding using JavaScript, 3D printing and design, physical computing and more.

Each program targets and is tailored to the needs of teenagers, college students or adults seeking professional development. Furthermore, no prior experience in programming or technology is required – beginners will go through an introduction session prior to the start of the program.