Conception and process.

The idea of this Passion Project started 5 years ago, when I first arrived in Asia.

With a love of all things Cyberpunk, an obsession with experimental photography techniques and neon lights, this personal project naturally came to life – I made the first piece a couple of months into my first year living in Taiwan.

Check out the video below for a layer breakdown of ‘Neo Hong Kong’

Daniel Poynton neo taiwan

Taking the Concept virtual

VR enables such incredibly immersive experiences, it has created a whole new medium for creating art.  After trying VR for the first time, I was blown away, being able to interact and physically be in the environment, I have since picked up a HTC vive and working on evolving this project


The next step is recreating the Art in VR using a technique called photogrammetry, which requires taking hundreds of photos of an area/object and creating a 3d/model a texture from the images. I will then edit the textures in a similar way I have to the original artwork, blending 3D modeling to create the more surreal structures.